MAN offers reliable diesel engines for Emergency Standby Power (ESP) and Limited Time Running Power (LTP), Prime Power (PRP) and Continuous Power (COP) mode. With reliable and fast load pick-up, MAN diesel engines are designed for maximum performance (LTP) where stand-by power generation is required. For peak-load operation (PRP), they demonstrate their durability with a mean run time of 4,000 hours per annum.


Scania diesel engines deliver to the most demanding environments. Compact dimensions and modularity facilitate servicing and maintenance. Engines are equipped with optimised Scania high performance cooling systems. Available as fuel optimised or Stage IIIA emission compliant.


The Tessari was born in 1950. The brothers Erminio and Orpheus Tessari give life to a structure, in a small room used as a workshop, which mainly deals with repairs in the heavy automotive segment, being among the first shops in Italy with specific expertise on the equipment of injection and in particular in the mechanical field in general. With the move after a few years (1955) at a later home to a certain size and with adequate space, their activities while maintaining the highly active primary commitment, expands in the marine sector, with branch offices in Chioggia and Caorle (near Venice), and in the industrial sector with the acquisition of major international houses representatives.t.