Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Panel

Automatic mains failure (AMF) panels – also referred to as automatic transfer switch (ATS) panels – make the power switch to emergency standby generators in the event of a significant loss of mains power or total blackout. Without AMF panels, generators need to be operated manually and that can mean lost data, potential damage to electrical equipment and huge amounts of disruption.

AMF board and ATS panels monitor the incoming AC mains supply, activate the standby generator when mains power fails and make an automatic electrical transfer of the building’s load from the mains to the generating set. When the mains supply returns, the ATS panel controls a return to the mains supply and shuts down the generator after a suitable cooling run. High-tech electronic control systems enable a wide range of activities, including full mains synchronization where a no-break changeover is required. LED indication lamps indicate supply availability and load switching status throughout, making the system truly independent.

These panels are used for controlling power supply in various industries like processing plants, hospitals etc.

Salient Features:

  • Mechanically or electrically interlocked Contactors or MCCBs or ACBs.
  • Equipped with a manual over-ride control
  • Can be relay operated or PLC operated and elective features like auto start, auto changeover, no break change over, etc. are also available

Options available:

  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Multi color option as per client requirement.