Generator repair service

KAN Energy is the leading supplier of electric generators, diesel generators, and gas generators in Pakistan. Our ambition is to help our clients by delivering them the finest and most reliable generators.

We provide the best generator repair service in Lahore, Our certified and trained staff is offering the highest quality of service for all-electric generators, gas generators, and diesel generators.

We are committed to fulfilling the needs of our customers.KAN energy is offering the best generator repair service price accompanied by a team of professionals because we make sure you get the right equipment that caters to your needs.

We are ready to put our 17+ years of experience to work for you and raise your living standards.

We work for the better future of our customers because their trust makes us the leading solutions company in Pakistan.

KAN  was established in 2005 as an energy solution provider to emerging telecom sector of Pakistan. We KAN Engineering & Services are working as distributor of MAN Germany, John Deere USA and SCANIA Sweden

Spare Parts Inventory

KAN Energy possesses a spare parts inventory that contains all kinds of spare parts on the go for our customers making sure that the generators keep running smoothly.


Skilled Workforce

KAN Energy believes in excellence and brilliance. To achieve that, we have a highly trained and skilled workforce that ensures that your generators run without any error or interruption.

Workshop Tools and Facility

Our workshop facility is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipments required during the troubleshooting and maintenance of generators.